Pellet Technology is Listening to Local Cattle Feeders

Pellet Technology USA (PTUSA) is offering more than just PowerFeedPellets™.  Over the years, through several university feed trials and thousands of cattle, PTUSA has successfully proven they can provide economical and nutritious feed alternatives during times distressed commodity markets.

PTUSA is able to utilize its patented and patent pending technology to provide a wide array of products that can meet any cattle producer’s needs.  Whether that means a ¼” or a ¾” pellet, a high or low protein product, or even modifying the fat content to be specific to a customer’s needs, Pellet Technology USA is able to provide this due to the flexible technology that the company has developed.

Russ Zeeck, founder and COO of Pellet Technology USA has this to say,

“PTUSA is looking to optimize agricultural resources by building a bridge of consistent and quality products for the new biomass economy while supporting our nation’s agricultural roots”.

Pellet Technology USA has developed a program with the cattle producers feedback in mind, it’s called the Voice and Value Program.  It’s a program designed for cattle producers to tell PTUSA what they like and more importantly what they don’t like about the feed they are giving their cattle.

The program is centered around giving every party involved an active voice in the product’s PTUSA is providing to its customers as well as offering promotional contracting terms to regional cattle feeders who participate.  Pellet Technology is listening to this feedback and modifying feed tag specs to help the cattle market.

If you would like to be a part of the Voice and Value Program, click the link above to complete the initial application.


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