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Corn stover based PowerPellets used to be co-burned with coal to meet RPS goals.

  • Technology

    Pellet Technology USA converts biomass into proprietary PowerPellets® that are dense, dry, and free from binders. PowerPellets® store and ship exactly like grain, which means no new material-handling infrastructure is required. PowerPellets® can be added to most coal-fired electrical plants with minimal retrofitting. PowerPellets® perform on par with PRB (Powder River Basin) coal while at the same time reducing the coal-fired plant's overall carbon footprint as well as its SOx (sulphur oxides), NOx (nitrous oxides), and Hg (mercury) emissions. Because of their characteristics, PowerPellets® work just as efficiently in gasification process.
  • Objectives

    To  be specifically formulated for optimal conversion to cellulosic biofuels or bio-chemicals. PowerPellets® can be made from corn stover, wood residue, and many other non-traditional forms of abundant, agri-industrial wastes like coal fines and lignin.
  • Main Challenge

    • Stover is a good source of renewable energy, but the natural density characteristics reduce its burn value and limits performance in a commercial setting
  • Results

    PowerPellets® PRB Coal
    BTUs/Lb 7,000 – 7,500 8,000 – 9,000
    Moisture 8% - 12% 25% - 35%
    Ash 8.6% - 9.5% 4% - 9%
    Volatile 60% - 70% 30% - 40%
    Fixed Carbon 18.7% - 20.7% 32% - 40%
    Sulfer 0.17% - 0.19% 0.2% - 0.7%
    Energy and Environmental Research Center test completed October 2009
  • Advantages

    PowerPellets® can be used in multiple, worldwide markets:
        • Co-fired with coal to generate cleaner electricity
        • Burned by industry and institutions as a cleaner source of heat and power
        • Used as feedstock for renewable biofuels; and,
        • Used as feedstock for manufacturing bio-chemicals, a green alternative to petro-chemicals
    Coal-fired power plants can co-burn PowerPellets® today to realize significant – and valuable – reductions to their carbon footprints.
      • Coal-fired power generators worldwide are under enormous social and regulatory pressure to "green up"
      • RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standards) laws
      • Carbon Cap & Trade programs pending in the U.S. and currently in place in dozens of countries
      • PowerPellets® are the fastest, easiest, most cost-efficient way for coal-fired power generators to achieve RPS compliance and reap regulatory incentives
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