Protein Supplement for all Classes of Beef Cattle and Dairy Cattle

Type C Medicated Feed

PowerCubes™ + Safe-Guard® combines all the benefits of our distillers

grains-based cubes with Safe-Guard® (fenbendazole) dewormer.  The product allows farmers and ranchers to meet the nutritional needs of cattle while effectively controlling parasites.

All-Natural, High-Protein Source

PowerCubes™ is designed to meet the nutritional needs of cattle more effectively and conveniently than traditional feed.  The pellets contain high levels of protein, fat and soluble fiber, and are a good source of vitamin A and phosphorous.

Control Parasites

Safe-Guard® protects your herd (and your bottom line) by killing internal parasites in the animal's gut, where the worms live.  Cattlemen have trusted 

Safe-Guard® for more than 30 years and appreciate its convenience and safety.

Research shows that calves infected with macrocyclic lactone

(endectocide)-resistant Cooperia had 7.4% less average daily gain, with 7.4% lower feed intake.  Safe-Guard® increased calf-weaning weight by an average of 28.9 lbs. per head in 22 trials across 10 states.  It also increased weight gain of stocker cattle by 36.6 lbs. per head in 17 trials across nine states.

Cube Specs

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