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PTUSA York, LLC Expands Its Horizon with Acquisition of KE Feeds Assets

[York, Nebraska – November 1, 2023] – PTUSA York, LLC (PTUSA), announces the acquisition of manufacturing assets from KE Feeds, LLC, a division of Kansas Ethanol, LLC. This move solidifies PTUSA’s position as a leader in conveniently packaging distillers feed products for animal supplementation.

Michael Chisam, president and CEO of Kansas Ethanol expressed his satisfaction with the transaction: “Selling KE Feeds assets was a strategic decision that aligned with our objectives moving forward. We wanted to find the right buyer and make sure they will take good care of our customers. We are pleased PTUSA has acquired them and will continue to deliver convenient, nutrient-dense, extruded and pelleted distillers grains to animal producers.”

KE Feeds has been a trusted name in the animal agriculture industry, known for delivering extruded feed products and pressed tubs made with high-quality distillers grains. The acquisition underscores PTUSA’s commitment to advancing animal nutrition and enhancing the value it provides to customers.

“We are excited to realize our vision of expanding our manufacturing capabilities and product lines,” stated Ellie Antova, general manager of PTUSA. “By diversifying our portfolio, we can better meet the needs of customers across more feed market segments.”

PTUSA will rebrand KE Feeds products, including KattleEnergy and Rack Elite, as PowerCubes™ for cattle and PowerDeer™ for free-range and penned deer. Additionally, PTUSA will manufacture pressed tubs branded as PowerTubs™ and PowerDeer™ Tubs. Pressed in 200-pound containers, these products will be intentionally formulated, for consistent consumption to support the diverse nutritional requirements of cattle and deer. The company’s distribution network will handle fulfillment.

PTUSA is poised to achieve an annual production capacity exceeding 125,000 tons of cubes, pellets, and tubs.


About Pellet Technology USA
Since 2016, PTUSA York, LLC (PTUSA) has been providing the agriculture industry with high-quality feed products conveniently packaged to meet the nutritional needs of animals. The company is based in York, Nebraska. Its production facility has the capacity to produce 70,000 tons of range cubes and more than 55,000 tons of other products annually. For more information, visit


About Kansas Ethanol, LLC

Kansas Ethanol, LLC, sets the standard for innovation, sustainability, and diversification in the biofuel industry. Built in 2008 and located in Lyons, Kansas, the facility has an annual production capacity of 80 million gallons of USP-grade ethanol and 2 million tons of distillers grains. Its coproducts also include corn oil and high-protein animal feed products. Kansas Ethanol, LLC, processes corn grown by local farmers and operates with a staff of 60 employees. For more information, visit

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