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Pellets and Cube

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Our 3/4" range cubes, are an innovative feed solution for delivering dried distillers grains (DDGs) to cattle. They combine natural protein, fat, and digestible fiber and allow almost zero loss of feed when fed to cows on pasture or production systems. 

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PowerPellets® 1/4" or 1/2" pellet have similar nutritional value to our cubes but are sized for smaller animals such as grazing calves. Feeding these products can help improve a calf's weight gain.

PowerDeer™ pellets are made in a 1/4" pellet packed with minerals that help with various deer lifecycle needs.

PowerTubs Tub
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Our 200-pound pressed tubs made with high-quality distillers grains are intentionally formulated for consistent consumption to support the diverse nutritional requirements of cattle and deer. 

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PTUSA has partnered with a wide range of distributors ranging from small to large feed stores. Find your local distributor to get our products

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