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PowerPellet Spilled Bag

PowerPellets® is an all-natural, high protein source created to make the benefits of distillers grains more accessible to smaller ruminants such as calves. Feeding PowerPellets® to grazing calves can improve weight gain and reduce the burden on cows during late lactation, allowing farmers and ranchers to reap the benefits.

A good source of Vitamin A and phosphorous, PowerPellets® contains high levels of protein, fat, and digestible fiber. Unlike starch-based pellets made with lower levels of protein, our pellets can help to optimize rumen performance by enhancing  the right ruminal microbial production and aiding in fiber digestion. PowerPellets® are available in 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch size pellets. 

PowerDeer Spilled Bag

PowerDeer™ pellets provide a convenient, nutrient-dense way to deliver distillers grains (DDGs) to free-range and penned deer.  The pellets are packed with a blend of minerals including zinc, phosphorus, and calcium that can help optimize health, performance, and support larger antler growth.  

PowerDeer™ pellets come prepared with garlic flavor, which is highly palatable to deer, ensuring attraction and consumption year-round.  

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