Pellet Technology USA, LLC (PTUSA) was founded at its research center in Gretna, Nebraska in 2012 to deliver high-quality feed products to the animal agriculture industry, packaged to conveniently meet animal's nutritional needs. The company began commercial production in 2014 in Gretna, Nebraska and then in 2016 at the York, Nebraska facility, which has the capacity to produce 70,000 tons of range cubes and more than 300,000 tons of other products annually.

PTUSA utilizes a team of nutrition consultants, focused on discovering innovative ways to package distiller's feed products and to maximize animal performance. The company's network of feed consultants and local distributors throughout the heartland ensures that Pellet Technology USA stays focused on the needs of the end users.

PTUSA is a wholly owned subsidiary of ICM Investments. 




We deliver high-quality distillers feed products designed to optimize animal nutrition and enhance the performance of livestock.  We strive for excellence in all aspects of production, from using the highest quality of materials to timely delivery execution and service after the sale.


We will be leaders in the development of innovative ways to deliver feed products designed to improve animal performance, utilizing advanced

biorefinery technologies.

2941 N. Division Ave

York, NE  68467


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