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PowerCubes™ + Minerals is designed as a protein supplement for beef cattle on pasture.  The product combines the advantages of distillers-grain with essential minerals and nutrients cattle need.

All-Natural, High-Protein Source

PowerCubes™ is designed to meet the nutritional needs of cattle more effectively and conveniently than traditional feed.  The pellets contain high levels of protein, fat, and soluble fiber, and are a good source of vitamin A and phosphorous.

Essential Minerals

Pastured beef cattle have additional nutritional needs that are left unmet by nature.  These essential elements are proven to decrease scouring and improve immune function, while also positively impacting the breeding potential of the entire herd.  PowerCubes™ + Minerals include salt, potassium, zinc, copper, magnesium, manganese, cobalt, and iodine.  The product also includes

Vitamins A, D, and E.

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Cube Specs

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